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The people of the world are sick and tired of being set against each other by powerful criminals who want us divided so they can continue to rape, steal from and exploit us.



Trump: “I am Q / WWG1WGA” 09-05-2022


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It is world full of tyrannical social restriction, censorship, economic terrorism - and

one of the greatest domains in this fight is Cyberspace; but no matter what we

thought about the motivations for hacker groups in the past, the present is

awfully quiet and 'The State' has maintained a tight grip on everything. Jim Lee

( returns to the show tonight for his first appearance in 2022

to discuss a topic I have been meaning to do for a long time: What ever

happened to Anonymous? What happened to the civil libertarian hacktivist crowd

that we always expected to see bust onto the scene during an End Times

scenario like the one we find ourselves in now?